All You Need To Know About Short-term Accommodation In Singapore

short term accommodation singapore

People use a short-term lodging facility for their brief business trips as well as for leisure travel. Short-term lodging is a completely equipped, self-contained apartment that is hired for a very short period, which makes it a type of guest home. The tenant will only stay in the flat or house for a maximum of 29 days if the period of accommodation is less than 30 days. We shall explain the significance of temporary housing in this article, and also let you know about the best short term accommodation singapore.

Importance of short-term accommodation

Corporate/business or family trips: Corporate relocations take place daily in major cities around the world, whether for business or family travel. The desire of executives for a “home away from home” feel presents a sizable market for short-term rental companies in urban areas. Corporate leaders are increasingly choosing fully furnished temporary accommodation that can accommodate the entire family over extended-stay hotels. Additionally, they typically remain for at least 30 days. When you are on a long vacation and do not want to stay and eat at a hotel with your family, short-term rentals are also advantageous.

When your home is being renovated: While your home is being renovated, you can also use the same word lodging. You and your family can continue to live in your house with the help of short-term rentals. Renting a short-term place to stay is an excellent alternative because renovations require an empty home to be completed.

Separation or divorce: The rising rate of divorce among couples is a regrettable reality of contemporary life. Short-term rentals can come in handy for the partner who is unable to stay at home during these trying times. In many of these situations, the people vacate their principal residence without knowing how things will turn out in terms of house sales, child custody, etc. Renting a furnished home at this time can be very beneficial because it offers flexibility, little hassle, and a neutral starting point.

Best short-term accommodation provider in Singapore

The top supplier of short-term accommodation Singapore is Thanksgiving Services. You receive all the advantages of hotel-like accommodations, but at a much lower cost and with access to a wider selection of amenities. These options for short-term lodging have a kitchenette, a gym open around-the-clock, free Wi-Fi, and extra room.