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Author was conceived Author Mikkelsen on January 20, 1959 and spent her youthfulness in an unassuming community of around a 1,000 group and no stoplights, in southeastern Minnesota. Her dad was a protection specialist. She graduated secondary school and wedded her secondary school darling, Daniel Hoag. She needed to set off for college, however it won’t ever occur.  Author started her profession composing room-com and became one of the Divas, alongside Eileen Dreyer, Elizabeth Grayson and Kimberly Cates. Author says, Regardless might change in our professions or in our own lives, the Divas stay a consistent wellspring of help for one another. Author frequently recognizes them in her books.Benjamin Moser

Later Author began composing anticipation. Author says that she prefers the intricacy of characters and having the option to investigate the more obscure side of human personalities. She said there was a slow movement. She would place limited quantities of anticipation in her sentiment books. Then, at that point, she went into more mind boggling, further stories.  After 20 romance books Autho rhad five top of the line anticipation books. Truth be told those five books showed up on the New York Times Hits Rundown in 20 months!  Author says she has an immense reference library, books and recordings, on law requirement and systems. She says she favors hands on exploration like meeting individuals and retaining their work societies and mentalities.

Author says that she has a ton of fluctuating interests. She cherishes brain research, law, music and inside plan. She says, …which makes being a writer the ideal occupation since I will take a turn being anything I need through a person.  Author and her significant other make their home on a 70 section of land horse ranch in Charlottesville, Virginia. They own few ponies and an assortment of pets. They likewise have a home in Los Angeles, California. Author says her better half, subsequent to working 17 years as a software engineer, presently works for her dealing with the business stuff. They have no youngsters. In a meeting for Extended Books, Benjamin Moser Obstruct says of Author Hoag’s thrill rides, Her books dazzle peruses with fresh composition, intriguing characters and easing up paced activity. They hold peruses as eager and anxious as can be back from start to finish.