Holding Hands on a Party Bus

Tactile responses are a very major part of how humans interact with the world around us. We might think that what we see and hear is what matters most but the truth of the situation is that what we feel matters a lot as well. We’re not talking about emotions and feelings either, rather we are referring to actual tactile sensations that come when we touch something or the other. This is why people desire human touch so much, though this notion has been corrupted to some extent.

There is no reason for touch to veer into the vulgar on a Huntersville party bus. Holding hands is a really enjoyable activity, and it’s one that more people should take part in. The great thing about hand holding is that it doesn’t necessarily need to have any kind of romantic or sexual connotation to it. The fact of the matter is that it can be purely platonic as well, which can allow two friends to experience a wonderful form of human connection together without it getting weird without implying anything else in this regard.

Holding someone’s hand can be a huge comfort in a vast and uncaring world. It is a welcome respite from the chaos of our existence, and in the middle of a party bus with so many people losing their minds around you it can be nice to just sit with someone that you have formed a bond with, hold their hand and experience this connection without anything else coming along and clouding what it has the potential to mean. If more people held hands, the world would end up becoming a much more tolerant and accepting kind of place.