Masks from Filorga for that smooth radiant look

filorga mask

Not the normal face mask you would find with any brand, but a face mask from Filorga that specializes in making your skin look younger and fresh. Masks give that extra touch of care when your skin is in need of that extra nutrition. A filorga mask is the food that your aging skin is dying for.

Some masks from Filorga for you to use

  • Meso mask – it is a popular mask used as an anti-aging treatment. It produces wonderful results in illuminating the complexion, boosting radiance, wrinkle smoothening,
  • Meso mask duo – it is a duo set of Meso masks, so double is your radiance!
  • Hydra filler mask – A serum concentrated mask for a super moisturized and visibly plumped effect on the skin. It gives the feel of a second skin.
  • NCEF night mask – a night mask that has the ability to multi-correcting the skin and is concentrated in NCEF, is the perfect product for flawless radiant skin.
  • Time filler mask – for that quick 15 min rejuvenating, this mask is equipped with anti-wrinkle serum concentrated in the mask.
  • Oxygen glow mask – another product that promises quick glow, this is a creamy mask catering to 10 mins rejuvenation.
  • Scrub and mask –this is an exfoliating dual-action bubble mask that gives usmuch cleaner skin.

In addition to giving us wonderful looking skin, Filorga also provides free deliveries, free gifts, free samples and customer service to answer your queries.